London, UK, half day tours with Rosamund Forester

Tours in London – Private & Personal for You

3 - 4 hours

On a typical half day private tour round London you will see and photograph Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament; Westminster Abbey (where all kings and queens of England have been crowned since 1066); Piccadilly Circus; Tower Bridge and the Tower of London guarded by the Yeomen Warders;Trafalgar Square dominated by Admiral Nelson perched on his column and many more lesser-known sites. There would be time perhaps to see the Changing of the Guard in full ceremonial uniform outside Buckingham Palace or visit in detail either the Tower of London to see the spectacular Crown Jewels and the execution site of past enemies of Kings, Westminster Abbey, or St. Paul's Cathedral (only 528 steps to the top of its dome for spectacular views over London). Make a note of leafy green parks and enticing shops and pubs to visit later.

Suggested price from £365 per car.

Up to 8 hours

If you have the time, extend this to a full day tour and there will be time to go inside several of the following: Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms (remaining exactly as they were when used by Sir Winston Churchill during World War II), Madame Tussaud's Waxworks Museum (photograph yourself with the rich, famous and notorious).

London’s fascinating museums await, such as the British Museum showing everything from Egyptian mummies to Roman silver found in England, the Imperial War Museum with tanks, aeroplanes, rockets, trench warfare, air raid shelters and more, the National Gallery of Art (13th century to present day European Art) or the the Victoria and Albert Museum showing art applied to manufactured goods (glass, jewellery, Japanese, Chinese and Indian artefacts, furniture, fashion and paintings).

Further downstream is Greenwich, home to the National Maritime Museum, the 18th century Cutty Sark Tea Clipper tall-masted sailing ship, the Royal Observatory where longitude was discovered and where you can hop from East to West or straddle zero longitude on Greenwich Prime Meridian.

Experience 16th century London by visiting the authentic replica of William Shakespeare's thatched Globe Theatre or marvel at the cutting edge skyscrapers of the City - one of the world's most important financial centres. The choice is yours.

Suggested price from £545 per car.