Extended tours outside London

Out of town extended tours

Extended tours Plan an extended tour round Britain to include some of the many castles, gardens, cathedrals, and historic and prehistoric sites. For example, a 3 - 4 day tour might leave London for the West Country, visiting Salisbury and its magnificent 13th century Cathedral whose spire soars 404 feet upwards, prehistoric Stonehenge and Roman and Georgian Bath.

Then on to Montacute House, furnished in Tudor and Jacobean style with formal gardens completing this perfect 'E' plan house, built in the 16th century during Queen Elizabeth I's reign. In those days when it rained, ladies on horseback would climb the main stairs inside to the long gallery at the top of the house, where they would promenade up and down for exercise - nobody got wet. Today a fine collection of Tudor and Stuart portraits from the National Portrait Gallery are displayed there. We then pass by the beautiful 12th century Cathedral in Wells, or go underground into fascinating Cheddar Caves, en route to the Cotswolds. Here we see picturesque gardens and visit romantic castles and stately homes, then back to London.

Another 3 day tour beginning in London might take us to the Cotswolds to visit William Shakespeare's home in Stratford-upon-Avon, then on to York with its breathtaking Minster and meandering medieval streets and alleys, and back to London via the ancient university town of Cambridge. Or why not combine English/Welsh or English/Scottish cultures, returning to London by inter-city train or by car, or fly direct to your home town from one of Britain's other international airports?

Suggested price per day (max 4 people) :-- £685 plus guide's overnight allowance of £90.