Oxford, City of Dreaming Spires

Spring is in the air!

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Oxford, the "City of Dreaming Spires".

Dear All,

March may not always be the ideal time weather-wise to visit Britain, but when asked to take a delightful South African couple out for the day, the sun shone and all was well. We drove up the Thames Valley, catching tantalising glimpses of the river, stopping at picturesque villages to admire the thatched roofs, and eventually arrived at Oxford. We spent a pleasant hour or two admiring the soaring spires of the churches and colleges, entering a college to see the elegant chapel and where undergraduates ate daily in the communal dining hall. The latter made us hungry and we found a delightful pub for a good lunch, before driving on to Waterperry Gardens. Despite the time of year, there were plenty of winter-flowering shrubs and plants to look at and the leafless trees made stunning backdrops against a by now darkening sky. We then drove back to London feeling well content at having spent a beautiful day in the countryside.

Best wishes,


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