Stopovers in London

Airport Layover Private Tours

• Escape airport misery, get out, take a private tour and see something of London or the countryside nearby. Allow approximately 2 hours for exiting customs and checking in later without luggage; this means an 8-hour layover gives up to a 6-hour tour. Here are some tour ideas with starting prices for the whole car, which include driver-guide services for up to four people. The prices do not include meals, entrances and any gratuities.

Itineraries below show duration of tour once outside the airport:--

  • A 5-hour layover gives 3 hours;
  • A 8-hour layover gives 6 hours;
  • A 9-hour layover gives 7 hours;

Here are some tour ideas with prices beginning at £270 for the whole car up to 6 people without luggage.
Prices exclude entrances, meals, etc.

From Heathrow Airport

Windsor Castle and/or Hampton Court Palace, or Oxford to Heathrow

from 235

From Gatwick Airport

Hever Castle and or Chartwell House - back to Gatwick

from 400

Transfer from Heathrow airport to Gatwick airport or vice-versa, via say, Hampton Court Palace or Windsor Castle, with a maximum of four people with luggage, you must allow 1 hour exiting the airport and 2 hours check-in at the destination airport.


Please note:-- You need a minimum of 6 hours between flights

from £350

These are suggestions and I am happy to discuss other destinations, such as visiting Central London or the end destination for a transfer being to a port for a cruise ship.