A postcard from Royal Stronghold on the Thames

Summer time ....

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Royal Stronghold on the Thames.

Dear All,

A fun tour I recently undertook was with a wonderful family from New Jersey when we seemed to run at top speed all the time. On the first half day, the 13yr old twins, their parents and I ran up the 530 steps to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral (lots of heavy breathing!) to get a fantastic bird's eye view of London. We caught our breath and then spent the rest of the day visiting the sights. Another day was spent visiting Windsor Castle, the fabulous home of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, lunching at Windsor and then on to Hampton Court Palace. Here we took turns being Henry VIII and then raced each other round the maze. I'm relieved to say my team managed to get to the middle and out well before the others - practice sometimes works. Not tired enough, we then spent the last day visiting the beautiful town of Oxford and dreaming when the kids would attend the university. (I wondered whether they would remember their guided tour.) We swiftly drove to Warwick where we climbed all over the walls surrounding the spectacular medieval castle, put ourselves in the shoes of Henry, Earl of Warwick, preparing to fight against King Edward IV during the Wars of the Roses, and then visited the dungeon - well they did! After a restoring cup of tea (much needed by me, the driver) we made our way back to London.

Best wishes,


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